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Community Forum Guidelines

Welcome! This community is dedicated to everyone who learns foreign languages from eJOY English and Glotdojo. Share your experience, learn together, find new friends and interact one with each other. You'll find our team answering questions and moderating posts when... (More)

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eJOY Articles
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How to sign up eJOY Community account

eJOY Community account is different from eJOY App account and eJOY Website account. To join eJOY community and create a new account, you do these steps blow:

Step 1: Go to eJOY Community

Step 2: Click “Sign Up” to create... (More)

Anita replied 41 minutes ago

Make friend

 Hi everybody! My name is Andrea and I’m from Tarija, Bolivia. I’m a native Spanish speaker but I’m learning English with eJOY. eJOY helps me improve my English so much. I’m a law student. Have a nice day 

Anita replied 43 minutes ago

Looking for friends to learn IELTS.

Hello everyone! I'm from Vietnam. I'm looking for someone to learn IELTS. Who wanna learn with me?