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Kenan replied 3 days ago

New Ejoy App

You mentioned the new ejoy application at the beginning of the year. When will this app be ready? What innovations will there be? In the past, new features were added frequently (like youtube connect). The Ejoy application was last updated... (More)

Nguyễn replied 3 days ago

i want the turkish language support and more language support i think its great idea and easy :D

Nguyễn followed 3 days ago


I am basic user, not a pro. I don't need a beta feature called CAPTURE LOOKUP. But everytime I open my Bookmarks on Chrome (Ctrl+Shift+O), it appears and requires a pro account.
Honestly, if I hadn't had used this extension... (More)

Nhung liked a month ago
Learning Tips

Pronunciation and Phonetic are wrong.

Your pronunciation is wrong for around 30% of the words. Also, your phonetic is wrong. American Natives English Teachers, you have to follow Merriam Webster. Everyone Native American Teacher does not contest Merriam Webster, and they agree 100%.