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Feature Requests
Feature Requests

Do you have any feature requests, or suggestions on how to improve eJOY? Let us know here. 


Not everything posted here will eventually make it into development for various reasons. Our team will take all feedback serious. The more "likes" and responses a post get will help us determine what this community aligns on.

Another Ideas for Ejoy:

Add - support Disney plus website.

- translate words by hovering on word (mouse arrow)

- support more languages with dual subtitles mean If I open for example Spanish video can have Spanish and English subtitles. English video with English... (More)

A writing story and podcasts features

I want to have a writing story features and podcasts to practice listening and speaking skills. Upgrade game center as in my pictures

shows IPA automatically

expect the new feature---shows IPA automatically above every word of the subtitle.

like what you've done On Netflix.

It would be great if the software added the function of remembering words when lock screen