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Support & Feedback
Support & Feedback

On this topic, you can get support and learn all about the eJOY eco-learning system. Provide your feedback on existing features, report technical issues or ask us anything here.

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Support & Feedback
Learner Support Manager, eJOY Learning

About Bug Report

Tell us any bugs you’re spotted

If you find any bugs or issues, so please tell us. We’ll look into this issue and resolve it as soon as possible.

To report a bug, please give us the following information

  • Product... (More)

How to turn off hover translation?

When you hover over a word, a small pop-up appears with translation (see screenshot). Is there a way to turn it off?

Something wrong with the sub feature on Youtube

ejoy extension automatically enables the sub on Youtube although I turned it off on the settings page. The sub quality isn't so good and it bothers me very much. Also, it overlaps Youtube's sub. Can you fix it, please? (More)

@MichelleMai58 @Tung Manh51 Hello, my device is Huawei mate 10 pro with android 10.

Ejoy english app

1) When I want to look at the meaning of some words ( Biggest, guys, dating, results, as good as, what do you... (More)