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Welcome to the forum
Welcome to the forum

This is a place to introduce yourself and meet other eJOY members. 

Make friend

 Hi everybody! My name is Andrea and I’m from Tarija, Bolivia. I’m a native Spanish speaker but I’m learning English with eJOY. eJOY helps me improve my English so much. I’m a law student. Have a nice day 

A Greeting from Vietnam

Hello everyone. I'm Thuy and I'm from Vietnam. I've learned English with eJOY for just about a month and eJOY really helps me a lot to find the joy in learning languages, not just English in particular. With the eagerness... (More)

Nice to meet you guys!

 Hi! I’m Lucia, from Turkey. Nice to meet you. I’ve started to learn English with eJOY. I would love to find some friends here and study together. 

make friend and study chinese together

Hey guys, my name is Daniele. I am currently studying Mandarin Chinese. I found eJOY about a week ago and have been loving it! It helps me study Chinese on Netflix