You like eJOY English & GlotDojo (coming soon)  and want to make them better. We would love to hear from you. You can share your thoughts and write down your wish list. All your ideas will be discussed, backed up, and polished by the whole community. Every suggestion is a step toward making eJOY better and will always be given the most careful consideration from our side. 

A feature request format

Please describe your request as detailed as possible with the following information.

  • Product name (eJOY English app, eJOY Go web,...)
  • Device (Laptop, iPhone,..)
  • A description of the feature request
    • Let us know why you want to have this feature and how it works for you.
    • Also, for each feature that you think eJOY is lacking, it would be best if you can tell us your solutions or another app or service that perfectly meets your needs.
    • Some screenshots or clips

We promise to give equal consideration to all features from you. But, just to be clear, some are just more prioritized than others as they could probably align with our budget, manpower and timeline, and also the need of the majority.