Feature request: Speech to subtitle / text


I thank you for the respect I meet as a proposer and I feel encouraged to come up with a proposal for an ambitious service.

I struggle to hear the difference between tones and sounds in Chinese speech. It's frustrating that so few movies and series have open subtitles and not closed caption subtitles, cc, neither in Mandarin nor Pinyin. After I discovered GlotDojo, the problem is less. It is possible to use other aids to translate English subtitles and upload them to GlotDojo. But it is cumbersome and only possible when there are closed caption subtitles in English.


My suggestion is to use speech to text technology to generate closed caption, cc subtitles in GlotDojo.


There are many examples of technology that can be used to translate speech into general text and a few examples of technology that translates speech into closed caption subtitles.




Both Microsoft and Google have their own used speech to text technology and offer APIs intended for developers who want to create speech to text solutions in their product.


Adobe offers Speech To Text Automatic Transcription in its latest beta version of Adobe Premiere Pro.



Subtitle services can be purchased online.



For me, the main motive for choosing GlotDojo's is increased access to content in Chinese.

This feature will further enhance this motivation