The absence of closed caption, cc subtitles precludes translation of the entire movie with all the GlotDojo features available. But for movies that are easy to watch without reading all the subtitles, it is enough to translate only certain subtitles. This can be done using screenshots and OCR.

I use ShareX and Google Translate for this, but wish that you consider implementing such a feature in a way that makes it all easier. The setup in ShareX is complex and the time it takes to continue watching the movie is a bit too long. It is not necessary to access a GlotDojo's dictionary, as the purpose is to get a quick hint about the dialogue in an action driven story.

There are other more advanced configurations. With the following method you have to frame the subtitle, each time and copy only one at a time. But it shows that it is possible.

A) Configure a workflow / task from the hotkey menu.

1. Open, Hotkey setting. That pops open the "ShareX - Hotkey setting window".  

2. Click, the Add button. That pops open the Task setting window. In the first drop down  menu and select / highlight Screen Capture> Text Capture (OCR).  

The Task setting Window gets the title "ShareX Task settings for Text Capture (OCR).  

3. In the second field give the new Task an easy description for instance" OCR-text to Clopboard ".  

4. Close the" ShareX Task settings for Text Capture (OCR) "window.  

6. Back in the" ShareX - Hotkey setting window ", press on the rectangular button marked  “none” on the right side of the task name for the workflow task you just configured.

7. Press the key or key-combination you want for the text-OCR hotkey and exit for instance F3.



Start the film


1. When the open subtitle is displayed press the hotkey (F3).

2. Double click and hold down the left mouse button to select the subtitle you want to translate.

3. When you let it go the "ShareX - Optical Character Recognition" pops up. Click on "Open in Google translate and close window".

4. The recognize text that is in the clipboard is automatically input into Google Translate.

I can make and send screenshots of the ShareX menus if the text is not clear enough according to the description.

I hope you like the idea.