At 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 19 of next week, the EJOy extension will debut on the popular product sharing site Product Hunt. This is a community for users and product makers, founders, and startup CEOs around the world. Currently, eJOY has received the enthusiastic support of reputable Hunter number 1 on it is @kevin, but we need more help from you to launch successfully.

A quick explanation of Product Hunt: members in PH will press the Upvote button if they like and want to support a product, while a Hunter will "hunt" the product, like a "sponsor" for that product.

 The products with the most upvote buttons will go to the top page of the day. The more reputable hunter and the more upvote received a product, the higher the coverage and prestige it has, which is also a great encouragement to every product developer.

Since the upvote volume on the first day IS VERY IMPORTANT, we hope to get between 50 - 100 upvotes within 24 hours of launch. We would be super grateful if you could spend 1-2 minutes creating an account and 5 seconds upvoting eJOY extension on launch day.

To support eJOY, you can first of all do the following:

Step 1: Visit the website

Step 2: Click Sign Up and log in with your MXH account (FB, Gmail, Twitter, note if it is Gmail, don't use company email)

Step 3: Get familiar with the Product hunt interface, the search box, the homepage with the newest and most popular products (newest). You can change the avatar and press the Upvote button a few products you like. 😀

Who has completed the 3 steps please leave a "." or comment below to let us know!

Simple as that! After that, we will share the product link on the official launch date so you can upvote for eJOY extension.

On launch day, eJOY will also have a special gift for our lovely eJOY community. Stay tuned!

Thank you so much: 3