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Learner Support Manager, eJOY Learning
Asked a question 2 years ago

What feature(s) should be added on eJOY and why? What are your suggestions for us? We love to hear more from you about how to improve eJOY better.

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I'd like an ejoy player to see my personal videos (film, series, TV show) using ejoy features. 

I think we should connect people, everyone can talk directly with others via live stream, 1:1 talk ...

You know that a word might have many meanings. Let's say that I do not know the meaning of the "play". I choose the correct meaning according to context and add it to the active wordbook.

play (v) : to perform as a character in a movie

Then I watch another video. And I do not remember the meaning of play again. I click on it and add it to the active wordbook too. But this time it's meaning is different.

play (n) : enjoyment

When I add this meaning, it places under the first meaning. When I play flash card, multiple choice, daily challenge etc it always asks me the first meaning. And it calculates the word fluency for only first meaning. What happened to the second meaning?

I think the algorithm should calculate word fluency seperately for all the added meanings.

Secondly, ejoy lets us add the same word and meaning over and over in different word books. If the word that we want to add and it's chosen meaning is already included in the created wordbooks, ejoy should warn us with showing the wordbook name.

 🚩 Added to roadmap

I wish along with ejoy go and ejoy epic there should be a web application for ejoy reader. The mobile application of ejoy reader have the pronunciation of American and British English and it has many example sentences, but ejoy popup just shows very fewer examples and we can't even look up for words just by clicking on the words as we can do it in the ejoy reader.


The ejoy go videos, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube should also have an interface similar to Netflix so that lookup of words from subtitles becomes easy. The ejoy popup shows up only translation, definition, and slang on ejoy go videos. It will be useful if ejoy popup is enhanced and made similar to ejoy reader dictionary app with all thesaurus, examples, and word family interfaced to it.

eJOY English should have an iPad horizontal version.

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