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Community guidelines
Community guidelines

This is a place to know how to publish posts in the community, introduce yourself, and meet other eJOY members

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Nice to meet you guys!

 Hi! I’m Lucia, from Turkey. Nice to meet you. I’ve started to learn English with eJOY. I would love to find some friends here and study together. 

Learner Support Manager, eJOY Learning

About Bug Report

Tell us any bugs you’re spotted

If you find any bugs or issues, so please tell us. We’ll look into this issue and resolve it as soon as possible.

To report a bug, please give us the following information

  • Product... (More)

Phonetic and Pronunciation are wrong.

Your pronunciation is wrong for around 30% of the words. Also, your phonetic is wrong. American Natives English Teachers, you have to follow Merriam Webster. Everyone Native American Teacher does not contest Merriam Webster, and they agree 100%.

Learner Support Manager, eJOY Learning

About Feature Request

You like eJOY English & GlotDojo (coming soon) and want to make them better. We would love to hear from you. You can share your thoughts and write down your wish list. All your ideas will be discussed, backed up,... (More)