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Feature Requests
Feature Requests

Do you have any feature requests, or suggestions on how to improve eJOY? Let us know here. 


Not everything posted here will eventually make it into development for various reasons. Our team will take all feedback serious. The more "likes" and responses a post get will help us determine what this community aligns on.

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Feature Requests
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About Feature Request

You like eJOY English & GlotDojo (coming soon) and want to make them better. We would love to hear from you. You can share your thoughts and write down your wish list. All your ideas will be discussed, backed up,... (More)

Automatic Speech to cc-subtitle

Feature request: Speech to subtitle / text

I thank you for the respect I meet as a proposer and I feel encouraged to come up with a proposal for an ambitious service.

I struggle to hear the difference between tones... (More)

Ejoy on Disney plus

Hi everybody,  could you please  integrate ejoy into Disney Plus?