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Support & Feedback
Support & Feedback

On this topic, you can get support and learn all about the eJOY eco-learning system. Provide your feedback on existing features, report technical issues or ask us anything here.

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Pronunciation and phonetic are wrong.

Your pronunciation is wrong for around 30% of the words. Also, your phonetic is wrong. American Natives English Teachers, you have to follow Merriam Webster. Everyone Native American Teacher does not contest Merriam Webster, and they agree 100%.

No subtitles

Hello, I have an issue watching videos on Ejoy English app: they start and work well showing subtitles for about five seconds, then they stop and restart from the beginning but this time the subtitles don't appear. The only way... (More)

Bug report:


I am having issue with resume after pause button when using eJOY English extension.

When I enable Auto Pause mode and resume after pause button in the same time, it will resume for me only 1 time. After that,... (More)

Learner Support Manager, eJOY Learning

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