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Support & Feedback
Support & Feedback

On this topic, you can get support and learn all about the eJOY eco-learning system. Provide your feedback on existing features, report technical issues or ask us anything here.

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Bug report:


I am having issue with resume after pause button when using eJOY English extension.

When I enable Auto Pause mode and resume after pause button in the same time, it will resume for me only 1 time. After that,... (More)

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Support & Feedback
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About Bug Report

Tell us any bugs you’re spotted

If you find any bugs or issues, so please tell us. We’ll look into this issue and resolve it as soon as possible.

To report a bug, please give us the following information

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the eJOY icon doesn't show up in my videos and it doesn't work with subtitles either

i study on udemy with CC support. but when i went in this morning, EJOY didn't work on all 4 computers. how can i fix it?

delete the bookmarks all at once

hello,sometimes I would like to delete a bunch of bookmarks all at once to avoid mixing them up with the new ones, the problem is that I have to do it one by one ,this is very anoying, it would... (More)