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💕 Being formed and developed for 2 years, Epic English is a learning app that was innovated in not only technology, and logic of product development but also learning-problems solutions: learning with courses and individualization based on levels, learning styles, and purposes.

💦 One of the most outstanding features of Epic is learning courses with authentic content regarding proficiency (A2, B1, etc.) and purposes (IELTS or career development). Keeping the strength of learning with authentic content of eJOY app, Epic guides you how to improve 4 skills, learn nice new words or essential grammar from any video or specialized knowledge.

💦 Besides, you can choose to learn with videos or news with be-loved features of eJOY, for example: dual subtitles, looking up new words, shadowing games,etc..

💦 Not only a learning course, Epic encourage you to learn English daily with interactive activities such as buying coin or playing games, then broaden your understanding and reach out to new working and life opportunities.

💕 eJOY hopes that you are fascinated and curious enough to get the app, spare some of your time to try it out and send us your valuable feedback and suggestions so that we can continue to enhance our product.

💕 We want to appreciate eJOY’s pro users who have advocated for us so much by sending all of you Epic's premium accounts with the same remained duration. We hope that you will love and continue to support both Epic app and eJOY App.

📲 Get Epic app: https://ejo.bz/epic-app

Epic English
Epic English